About Us

With over 30 years of industrial sales experience in manufacturing processes for various industries and a high-quality product line, the staff of Bartco Tech Corporation is prepared and determined to keep your equipment up and running, so that your company keeps maximizing its profitability!

We focus on providing QUALITY PRODUCTS, the KNOWLEDGE to help fill your requirements, and the MOST COMPETITIVE PRICES assuring you GREAT VALUE! 


We are the exclusive USA distributor for A-RYUNG Machinery Ind. Co. Ltd. offering precision quality coolant and lubrication systems. Replacements for most major brands, serving the world’s machinery!

We include centralized lubrication systems, coolant pumps, trochoid / t-rotor pumps, and much more for a comprehensive product line!

See photos below of a recent trade show where we strengthened our relationship with A-RYUNG executives, to bring you the very best pricing in the USA, for A-Ryung products. (click images to enlarge)